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Are you Muslim and want to read the Surah Yaseen Shareef anytime at any place? It’s not possible to carry the Al Quran anywhere. You should not worry about it, now in this era you can read it on your mobile. How?

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You can read Surah Yaseen pdf online or offline in the form of a PDF. Surah Ya sin pdf is available on the internet. You can search for it at any place where you are. As a Muslim, I always prefer to read full يٰسٓ on my mobile in my traveling.

surah yaseen arabic pdf

Download after hitting the download icon in top right corner, you can see in the screenshot.

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Surah Ya sin Pdf Download

As a Muslim, you know about it, but if you are a Muslim, I am going to tell you about the basic history or background of Surah Yaseen Sharif. I hope you don’t know about it if you are a new Muslim or belong to another religion, even many Muslims.

Surah Yaseen is revealed by Allah Almighty to the Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH by an angel named Gabriel. Jabriel revealed this to the Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH in Mecca. That’s why it is Makki Surat.

Surah Yasin started with a word يٰسٓ whose meaning is unknown, called muqatta-at. It starts from the 22nd parah and ends in the quarter of the 23rd parah. 

Ayats (Verses)83
Rukus (Sections)
Known asHeart Of Quran

Surat yaseen Shareef revealed in Arabic the Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH, the last messenger of Allah. The Holy Prophet was born in Arab, and the language of the Holy Prophet PBUP was Arabic. That’s why it was revealed in Arabic. You can read and free download a pdf of Surah Yasin sharif in Arabic. 

surah yaseen shareef Page no 1
surah yaseen shareef page no 2
surah yaseen shareef page no 3
surah yaseen sharif page no 4
surah yaseen sharif page no 5
surah yaseen sharif page no 6

Suppose you don’t understand the Arabic language. In that case, you should not worry about it because the translation of Surah Yaseen is available in any language that you want, but Muslims must read it in Arabic. Translation and transliteration of surah Yaseen is available in Urdu, English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Bangla, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam for indians. You can also translate it into every language of the world with the help of Google Translate. You should not worry about it you can find here anything.

Can we read Surah Yaseen’s PDF without Wazu?

Yes, we can read it without wudu, but we can read it on mobile only. Remember not to touch the Holy Quran without ablution.

What do you read Surah Yaseen for?

We Read Surah Yaseen to be protected and blessed by Allah Almighty.

What is special about Surah Yaseen?

The most important thing about surah yaseen is my favourite because it gives you satisfaction, strengthens your bond with Allah, and helps in increasing Taqwa (fearing from Allah because Allah created all humanity)

Which Surah to recite after the Fajr prayer?

If you do not have much time, then recite surah yaseen shareef. If you have much time, start the Quran e Pak from the start.

What are the benefits of reciting Surah Yaseen 11 times?

Allah forgives our sins and protects us from the doom of the grave by reciting Surah Yaseen 11 times.
Complete Reading of Surah al Yaseen in Arabic will bring more blessings to you, your family, and your house. There are many benefits of reading full Yaseen Shareef. Some people read it 11 times, and some read it 41 times for many reasons.

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