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Do you want to know the Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites which are providing Surah Yaseen in PDF and text with its translation and transliteration in different languages?.

If you are a muslim and want to know the meaning of the surah to get the understanding and if you are non muslim its an opportunity for you to read the Holy Book of another religion in your language.

These are platforms which are giving surah yasin shareef with all languages with their translations and transliteration. Now i am discussing short intro with you;

Equraninstitute is an online platform for reading and learning quran. its the platform where you can sign up here and It is a platform where you can learn and teach the Quran. You can register here for a free trial at the start.

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : quran institute

You can choose a teacher of your choice and time of your choice. One important thing about the site is there are highly qualified tutors who can be male or female. You can choose their gender according to your choice.

They are offering two courses, one is reading in which you can learn how to read the holy Quran with basic tajweed and the second is a tajweed course for people who know how to recite the Quran but not know how to pronounce a word.

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : equraninstitute

Quran .com is a largest islamic platform where you can read in Arabic with english translation of every 114 surah of Al quran. You can listen here audio of any surah which you want; it may be  surah e yaseen, surah mulk or another; it’s only up to you and in the voice of any qari.

One thing which I want to discuss with you is that you can choose surah, juz or page number for reading which you may need.

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : quran. com

Urdupoint is the largest web portal of pakistan. It is accessible to you in three languages which are urdu, english and arabic. Urdupoint has a Youtube channel with Millions of Subscribers.

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : urdupoint

Currently you can access the media portal only online but it may be available offline in future. It’s my personal opinion. You can use it without registering here

I know you have no idea about it. Archive is a humanitarian online platform where you can find Free books, softwares, music, movies and many other knowledge based materials like websites in not just hundreds but in millions. 

You can sign up there and get benefits. You can register here free and upload your files and media.

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : archive

The American platform slideshare is slide hosting services for professional content. The content may include videos, documents, and presentations etc. You can upload your content in format of word, open document and in pdf for everyone or just privately.

It is a multilingual platform with optional registration options serving worldwide. 

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : slideshare

Scribd is a private platform which is serving the whole world. The data of scribd is available in english, german, italian and many other languages. It’s also american based and offers the same services which are offered by slideshare which i described briefly before it. It has millions of users.

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : scribd

Faiz e islam is a website where you can read the Holy Quran online. Dua for istikhara, dua for sehri and many more duas are available there. There are also 6 kalimas available here and all islamic events and occasions with their dates.

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : faiz e islam

Hamari web is a top ranked information web portal which is searched globally. It provides information about every aspect of life from birth to death. It is a site which fulfils the demands of people worldwide.

It’s my personal favourite because here is the information for every group of ages. Team of hamariweb is providing a great state of knowledge.

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : hamariweb

Meri web is a user-friendly info site where you can find knowledge regarding every aspect of life which may be related to tech, health, fashion, education, sports and many more. If you are a muslim it provides you with an online Quran reading and listening service.

It’s also streaming different news channels like Geo, HUM, Bol, 92, Sity 42, ARY, Dawn, Dunya, Express and Aaj News channel with Madani Channel (Islamic channel) and even PTV Sports online.

Top 9 Surah Yaseen Websites : meri web

Many bloggers provide you pdf .com sites to read and listen to online quran and surah yaseen in pdf and audio format.

What happens if you read surah yaseen everyday?

If you read surah yaseen sharif everyday it will make our bond of love strong with Allah Almighty and protection from evils.

How long does it take to recite surah yaseen?

Surah yaseen has 83 ayats that’s why it just takes 10 minutes but if you are reading it for the first time it may take you 15 minutes.

Which chapter is surah yaseen?

Yaseen Sharif is the 36th chapter of Al Quran.

I have written about Top 9 Surah Yaseen websites but hundreds of other sites also provide services of online reading and listening to quran and yasin shareef. These are some top ranked and most searched sites in India, Pakistan and in the whole world. 

Many of these are authority sites in Google’s eyes. You can search it and read the translation of their content in different languages.

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